Have you been struggling with the “COVID 29”?


Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit! it's time to renovate it! 

Research shows that half of Americans gained an average of 29 pounds during the COVID pandemic. If you’ve tried diets and other challenges, but could not keep it off, you may need to try GOD! 

Try this 7 Day FREE Jumpstart, inviting GOD to be your accountability partner and do these THREE things EVERYDAY. It’s all about habits. You didn’t gain it in 30 days. 

Give me 52 weeks (or less) for PERMANENT weight modification! 

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Marcy GUARANTEES that when you embrace this new philosophy and implement these 3 daily habits, you will experience a shift in your mindset about being your healthy weight.

God wants you to be as healthy and prosperous as you are holy! 3John 1:2 


Marcy Cody, RN, Community Outreach Nurse and Founder of Temple Under Construction Ministries Presents:

Bible Based Weight Modification 52 Week Philosophy 

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Value Point 1
Get back into your fabulous wardrobe!
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Value Point 2
Galvanize your relationship with GOD. 
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Value Point 3
Learn how YOU CAN use THE POWER OF GOD biblical principles to obtain and maintain your healthy weight.  
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Value Point 4
You will QUALIFY  to win prizes for posting testimonials in our Facebook group.